Design and Manufacture of Hardware for High Voltage Transmission Lines and Substation Clamps

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Manufacturing Plants

ALDA has very comprehensive manufacturing facilities for producing different components for transmission lines hardware and conductor accessories as well as substation clamps and connectors.

The Mould Making Shop provides all moulds and dies, fixtures and jigs by using CAD\CAM\CAE software & advanced CNC center machine, Spark erosion, etc.
The Foundry and Casting Shop is furnished with a modern Aluminum Die Casting Machine, Gravity Die Casting facilities as well as Tilt Furnace and other melting equipment.
The Forging Shop, which is equipped with various types of mechanical and hydraulic presses, is designed to forge various components.
The Machine shop is equipped with complete sets of Lathe Machine, Drills, Milling and threading machines.
Armor rod Making Shop is forming Aluminum and steel rods for various applications.
Metal Forming Shop is applying hydraulic press and bending machines to produce metallic hardware and grading rings.

Aluminum Heat Treatment Shop is equipped with solution heat treatment and aging furnace.
ALDA also enjoys Finishing, Assembling and Packaging Units.

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